From the same hospitality team that created Salud Kitchen comes Mas Salud.  Already known for their tacos, Salud expands on the culinary journey set forth for each customer.  A traditional tapas style dining experience that takes you through southern and central America all the way to spain.  Starting with mayan hummus and mexican meatballs to Spanish style grilled octopus and chorizo.  Pairing this mouth watering food with one of our homemade cocktails makes for one unforgettable night. Their extensive selection of wine by the glass and reserve list of exclusive blends will satisfy all palates.  Mas Saluds modern artsy design elicits flash photography as well as numerous social media posts.  From walking under umbrellas as if you were in the streets of Portugal or Colombia to lounge seating and hanging chairs, there's an atmosphere for everyone.  An eclectic soundtrack of music provides the perfect backdrop to a night of tapas and margaritas. 


Dan specializes in modern Latin American cuisine. He has worked with many successful restaurants including Bar Chido, Bar Takito, including Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants, Barrio, and Octavio Cantina and Kitchen. Dan’s role as Executive Chef has earned him recognition with the national publication Tasting Table, as one of Chicago’s best new restaurant openings, Spring 2018.

Dan describes his food as bold, approachable, and colorful, something his Grandfather would tell him is that “you eat with your eyes first” which is why the presentation of a dish is just as important as the taste for him. He discovered his love of cooking at a very early age, as his first memory in the kitchen was picking bad beans out of the bunch with his grandmother every morning. From these early memories of cooking with his grandmother his love of cooking evolved into a, so far, successful and exciting career.

The strong aroma of mole negro permeating his family’s home in Veracruz, Mexico; Chef GIO’s catalyst to falling in love with cooking.  Strong family bonds were created at the kitchen table while enjoying his abuela’s masterpieces.  As a nine year old boy, he and his family crossed the border into America in homemade chanclas that he still has to this day.  That representation of hard work and perseverance have molded Jovanni de Jesús Viveros into the amazing chef he is.  A self taught culinary scholar, Chef GIO’s recipes pull influences from his family's cooking in Mexico as well as his 10 years plus experience cooking in everything from a fast paced corporate chain restaurant to fine dining and private chef table party experience.